Portrait of Patrick Chamberlayne KC

Patrick Chamberlayne KC

Year of Call 1992 Silk 2010

Professional Practice

Patrick specialises in complex financial remedy proceedings, jurisdictional disputes, and Inheritance Act cases. He is particularly sought after in non-disclosure cases, where tough and focused cross examination is required, and where there are complicated business and trust issues. Solicitors seek him out knowing he will build confidence in their client, give tough advice where needed, and then tirelessly fight their corner in court. Recent cases include W v C (Financial Remedies: Appeal: Non-Disclosure) [2013] 2 FLR 115 (establishing for the first time the ambit of the duty of disclosure where one spouse does not press for full detailed disclosure from the other); H v S (Recognition of Overseas Divorce) [2012] 2 FLR 157 (establishing for the first time that a Saudi talaq divorce may be entitled to be recognised in English law, so as to allow a wife to bring proceedings under Part III of the MFPA 1984); Lawrence v Gallagher [2012] 2 FLR 643 (landmark Court of Appeal decision – the first ever Civil Partnership divorce case); and Sekhri v Ray [2013] All ER (D) 350 (Jul) (establishing domicile for two spouses both resident in Singapore in order to found jurisdiction for an English petition on the basis of both domiciles).
  • Recommendations

    "A razor-sharp, erudite and illustrious silk. Clients adore him."
    Legal 500 2022
    "A wonderful cross-examiner with the ability to absorb complicated facts, law and financial information in order to present a persuasive case." "A brilliant advocate who's quick-thinking and good on his feet." "He puts clients at ease and shows particular skill in distilling the most complicated points of law into clear, logical, strategic advice."
    Chambers and Partner 2022
    β€˜Is ferociously smart and is able to reduce a complex case to a few winning points and does not get bogged down in detail.’
    Legal 500 (2020)
    "Patrick is a force to be reckoned with in that he goes right to the heart of the issues in a case. Judges immediately listen to him and he has a lot of authority in the courtroom." "An incredible advocate who gives advice that is absolutely clear and always robust."
    Chambers and Partners 2020
    A first class advocate and a determined, highly effective cross-examiner; probably the best in his field
    Legal 500
    Maintains a diverse and very well-respected practice dealing with complex and substantial ancillary relief matters, as well as civil partnership and Schedule 1 claims. Many of his cases involve cross-border considerations. Expertise: "Calm, cool and personable." "He's a very accomplished advocate who's very good on his feet. Clients feel confident with him because he obviously knows what he's talking about. He's a class act."
    Chambers & Partners 2015
    β€˜A first-choice silk for high-value matters, and the best cross-examiner at the family Bar.'
    Legal 500 2015
  • Notable Cases

    • SA v PA (Pre-marital agreement: Compensation)
      [2014] EWHC 392
    • H v H
      [2014] EWHC 760 (Fam)
    • W v C (Financial Remedies: Appeal: Non-Disclosure)
      [2013] 2 FLR 115
    • Sekhri v Ray
      [2013] All ER (D) 350 (Jul)
    • Lawrence v Gallagher
      [2012] 2 FLR 643
    • H v S (Recognition of Overseas Divorce)
      [2012] 2 FLR 157
    • NLW v ARC
      [2012] 2 FLR 129
    • L-K v K (No 3)
      [2007] 2 FLR 741
    • L-K v K (No 2)
      [2007] 2 FLR 729
    • Re G (Maintenance Pending Suit)
      [2007] 1 FLR 1674
    • P v P (Inherited Property)
      [2005] 1 FLR 576
    • G v G (Financial Provision: Separation Agreement)
      [2004] 1 FLR 1011
    • Re K (Replacement of Guardian ad Litem)
      [2001] 1 FLR 663