Portrait of Lynsey Cade Davies

Lynsey Cade Davies

Year of Call 2005

Professional Practice

Lynsey is an established and busy family practitioner whose practice is predominantly financial remedy work on divorce/dissolution. Lynsey’s work has a particular emphasis on cases with an international dimension and cases which involve complex company valuation or trust issues.
  • Recommendations

    "Able to grasp the facts of the case quickly and understand what the client wants in terms of an outcome." "She is warm, caring and able to distil issues and explain them simply to clients. She is their support and she gains their trust swiftly." "Always thoroughly prepared and effective."
    Chambers and Partners 2022
    "She's absolutely stupendous; frighteningly clever and someone who puts in the extra mile on her cases."
    Chambers and Partners 2019
    'A junior of choice in really high net worth complex cases involving trusts, private company and public company interests. She is exceptionally clever, exceptionally bright and produces schedules and spreadsheets that have top be seen top be believed.'
    Chambers and Partner 2018
    'Lynsey is enormously helpful and constructive in her approach to cases. She's hard-working, detailed and focused on what is important in a case- she's a good tactician.'
    Chambers and Partners 2017
    Deals principally with complex matrimonial finance disputes, particularly those concerning multi-jurisdictional dimensions. Expertise: "Phenomenal, particularly in court appearances. She's forthright and extremely knowledgeable." "A very safe pair of hands and one of the brightest stars of her call at the Family Bar."
    Chambers & Partners 2015
    Up and coming, she is making a mark handling ancillary financial relief cases. Commentators say she is good on cases with international elements. Expertise: "A tenacious and a very good advocate."
    Chambers & Partners 2014
  • Notable Cases

    • Divall v Divall
      [2014] Fam Law 781
    • Price v Price
      [2014] All ER (D) 28 (Jun)
    • Shield v Shield
      [2014] All ER (D) 27
    • Shield v Shield
      [2013] EWHC 3525 (Fam)
    • D v D and the I Trust
      [2011] 2 FLR 29
    • B v B
      [2010] All ER (D) 61
  • Publications and Lecturing

    • Assistant Editor of Family Affairs

    • Regular lecturer, most recently on ‘Enforcement of financial remedy orders, home and away’, ‘Update on Impact of Trusts in Financial Remedy Cases’ and ‘Impact of the Supreme Court decision in Prest’

    • Contributor to CPDcast

  • Personal Information

    Enjoys skiing, polo and travel. An avid Arsenal and Welsh rugby supporter.