Portrait of Amber Sheridan

Amber Sheridan

Year of Call 2008

Professional Practice

Amber’s practice covers all areas of family law with a particular emphasis on matrimonial finance and disputes involving children (including Schedule 1 provision and relocation cases). Amber has a particular interest in cases with a foreign element, and has appeared as a junior in a number of complex, high value Part III MPFA 1984 cases. Amber was a shortlisted Young Family Barrister of the Year in 2012 and was featured in Spear's Wealth as a "rising star" of family law.
  • Recommendations

    "A fearless advocate who always has all the facts of a case at her fingertips." "She gains the trust and respect of her clients, who feel she understands their issues and is willing to fight their corner." "She's at the top of her game - she works hard and has a great manner with clients.
    Chambers and Partners 2022
    "A tenacious advocate with an eye for detail and excellent judgement."
    Legal 500 2022
    "A great strategist, who has a keen eye for negotiation and getting the best settlement for a client. She's hard-working, committed and supportive." "Amber is fearless, great with clients, has good judgement and is a great advocate and negotiator.”
    Chambers & Partners 2020, Band 2
    "Quick to assimilate detail and salient issues on a case. Is a calm presence in long negotiations and clients take to her quickly and trust her. She is very accessible and user friendly for her instructing solicitors."
    Legal 500 2020
    ‘Very bright, determined and hardworking.’
    Legal 500 2018/2019
    "Amber is extremely hard-working, has excellent judgement and throws herself into a case."
    Chambers and Partners 2019
    “Has a level of judgement which is way beyond her years. She’s very good on her feet and completely unflappable both in court and in conference with clients.”
    Chambers and Partners 2018
    “A shrewd negotiator and one to watch for the future. She is cool and level-headed.”
    Chambers and Partners 2017
    Already being led on some of the biggest cases, she has a strong reputation for her fantastic attention to detail, and has quickly developed an expertise in complex financial cases with an international element. She also deals with private law children matters. "She's a thorough individual whose paperwork is top-drawer. It's precise, punchy and completely on point. She's hugely intelligent and for someone so young she's got precocious judgement."
    Chambers & Partners 2016
    One of the best young juniors in the world of complex matrimonial finance. Her cases often concern issues of beneficial ownership of marital and overseas assets. Expertise: "She's a wonderfully talented young lady who's very poised and very nice to work with." Recent work: Instructed in a case concerning the beneficial ownership of company shares worth in the region of £25 million.
    Chambers & Partners 2015
    A matrimonial finance junior already turning heads thanks to a run of recent successes, including a number in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. Expertise: "Incredibly hard-working and has wonderful judgement."
    Chambers & Partners 2014
  • Notable Cases

    • Nieman v Withers LLP
      [2022] EWHC 2237 (QB)
    • Alireza v Radwan & others
      [2017] EWCA Civ 1545
    • Chai v Peng & Others
      [2017] EWHC 792 (Fam)
    • NR v AB
      [2016] EWHC 277 (Fam)
    • Seagrove v Sullivan
      [2015] 2 FLR 602
    • Shield v Shield
      [2014] EWHC 23 (Fam)
    • Shield v Shield
      [2013] EWHC 3525 (Fam)
    • Agbaje v Agbaje
      [2010] 1 FLR 1813
    • Golubovich v Golubovich
      [2010] 2 FLR 1614
    • Golubovich v Golubovich
      [2011] 2 FLR 1193
    • Golubovich v Golubovich
      [2011] EWCA Civ 528
  • Publications and Lecturing

    • Amber regularly lectures on a range of family law-related subjects.


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