Portrait of Paul Storey KC

Paul Storey KC

Year of Call 1982 Silk 2001

Professional Practice

Paul practises mainly in the field of children law. He has extensive experience in complex and high profile High Court cases involving allegations of serious non accidental injuries and homicide especially those concerning scientific or medical issues. He has extensive experience in Appellate work in the Court of Appeal ranging through public law cases, private law cases, those with a human rights element, paternity and disclosure. He also has significant experience in the Supreme Court, having appeared on numerous occasions . His private law practice includes cases with LGBT issues, and those involving disclosure issues, and alleged sexual abuse. He has been involved in a number of cases concerning individuals with learning disabilities or other vulnerabilities and has a particular interest in these areas. Inevitably, in a practice such as this, Paul's cases regularly involve the application of the Human Rights Act 1998, in which again, he has a particular interest.

  • Recommendations

    “Paul is a remarkable advocate who brims with confidence and charisma” and “A very powerful advocate and a great tactician, who is one of the best at cross-examining. He puts his all into cases-always has ,always will do”
    Chambers and Partners 2024
    “Paul is a real Master of oral and written advocacy with an incredible understanding of the medicine and personal dynamic of cases. A real champion of disadvantaged and underprivileged clients”
    Legal 500 2024
    Star Individual
    Chambers and Partners 2016, 2017, 2018 , 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024
    "First class for cases of alleged non accidental injury. The best there is"
    The Legal 500 2022
    ‘The perfect blend of an advocate, he is approachable but authoritative. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of case law and uses it to enormous effect. He fights every case with incredible energy and commitment’
    The Legal 500 2021
    “Has the command of the court, his cross examination of expert witnesses is exceptionally good - he never fails to hit the spot and nail the important point”
    Legal 500 2020
    ‘Dominates the courtroom’
    Legal 500 2019
    ‘He understands complex medical history and can cross-examine the country’s most eminent medics with ease.’
    Legal 500 2017
    Ranked Tier 1 in Legal 500 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024
    "His ability to put together and assimilate legal arguments is second to none, and his capacity to cut through legal arguments is unrivalled. He really is the business-if you want an expert cross examined you bring him in. He is extremely hard working and well versed in medical matters and research "
    Chambers & Partners 2022
    "In a category of his own when it comes to complex head injury cases. His cross-examination of medical experts is a wonder of the modern legal world, and he is one of the best advocates of his generation." "Absolutely superb, he cruises into the case like a Panzer tank, and destroys the other side." "The passion that man has for his cases is incredible. There are not enough superlatives to describe him."
    Chambers and Partners 2021
    “Storey is Stellar” “His advocacy is outstanding and his cross examination of experts is second to none”
    Chambers & Partners 2020
    ‘He is tactically formidable and second to none on matters of medical evidence. He is the complete package' ‘He is super-intelligent, and his experience of cross examining experts is deep’
    Chambers and Partners 2019
    'He is simply the best public law children lawyer.He has an excellent forensic mind and is a fantastic tactician'
    Chambers and Partners 2018
    Standout children specialist who is renowned for his formidable advocacy and involvement in highly complex public and private cases in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. His expertise extends to non-accidental injury, death and abuse issues, and he has handled a number of old cases revived following new evidence. Strengths: "He is one of the best silks for medical cases, and there is no one in England who knows more about traumatic infant brain injury. He is a most formidable and ferocious opponent."
    Chambers and Partners 2017
    "He is unstoppable. His work rate is phenomenal. He's always prepared for cases and has an amazing conversational style which judges think they're not going to fall for but always do. If you were in real trouble he's the one you would want to represent you."
    Chambers and Partners 2016
    A revered children law practitioner who receives great praise for his work in the field of public law proceedings, and often appears in the Supreme Court. His care cases involve complex medical considerations and frequently relate to serious circumstances of non-accidental injury. Expertise: "He is a powerhouse when it comes to non-accidental head injury cases, and he is a joy to work to work with." "He often destroys the arguments of local authorities when representing parents."
    Chambers and Partners 2015
    In the 2013 edition of Chambers Directory, again placing him in Band 1 the directory quoted as follows – “Paul Storey QC is a fantastic parents’ advocate” and he is “... a complete star in children's work”.
    Chambers and Partners 2013
    Placed in Band 1 in the 2012 edition of Chambers Directory for Family Law Queen's Counsel specialising in children work, the directory stated: “He is amazing and gets excellent results.” and “He is held in particularly high regard for his understanding of non accidental injury and the medical issues involved in his work”.
    His expertise in the medical and scientific issues in relation to non accidental injuries was recognised in the leading case of Devon County Council v EB [2013] EWHC 968 (Fam). (Para 159).
  • Notable Cases

    • Essex CC v C & Ors
      [2022] EWFC 187
    • Re BR (Transparency order: Finding of fact hearing)
      (2023)EWFC 9
    • Re G: (Finding of Fact Hearing: Resuscitative Shake)
      [2022] EWFC B6 (21 January 2022)
      Read Judgment
    • Re 5 Children (Induced and Exaggerated Illnesses Pattern of Behavior)
      [2021] EWHC 3750 (Fam) (10 December 2021)
      Read Judgment
    • Kent County Council v C & ors
      [2021] EWFC 122
    • Re A (A Child)(Fact Finding:Modern Slavery)
      [2021] EWFC 79
    • A County Council v M
      [2021] EWFC 35
    • Re BB (Care Proceedings:Mid Trial Dismissal and Withdrawal of Allegations)
      [2021] EWFC 20
    • A and B (Children: Fact finding)
      (2020)EWFC B84
    • East Riding of Yorkshire Council v C:Re S (fact finding)
      [2020] EWFC 71
    • Lancashire CC v M,F and C
      [2020] EWFC 43
    • Re J (Fact Finding Hearing in Care Proceedings)
      [2019] EWFC 73
    • Plymouth City Council v Wilkins and Vanselow
      [2019] EWFC 70
    • AA & 25 others
      [2019] EWFC 64
    • Plymouth City Council v Wilkins and Vanselow
      [2019] EWFC 60
    • A Local Authority v M & Ors (Fact Finding)
      [2019] EWFC 33
      Read Judgment
    • Re Y(A child:Fact finding:FII)
      [2018] EWFC 4020 (Fam)
    • Re Y (Fact Finding)
      [2018] EWFC B20
    • Re A and W (Fact finding) (2016) EWFC 64 Re A and W (Welfare)
      [2017] EWFC 8
    • Plymouth City Council v Wilkins and Vanselow
      [2017] EWFC 75
    • Re D (a child)
      [2017] EWHC 3075 (Fam)
    • Bucks CC v Andrews and Ors
      [2017] EWFC B19
    • Bournemouth CC v A Mother and Ors
      [2017] EWFC 18
    • Medway BC v R and others (Participation of vulnerable parties)
      [2016] EWFC B104
    • Re AD & AM (Fact Finding:Rehearing)
      [2016] EWHC 2912 (Fam)
    • Re J (Rev 1)
      [2016] EWFC 12
    • Re AD and AM (Fact-Finding hearing) (Application for re-hearing)
      [2016] EWHC 326 (Fam)
    • Re: S (a child) (care proceedings:surrogacy)
      [2015] EWFC 99
    • Kent CC v D and others (5) (Rehearing)
      [2015] EWFC 96
    • Kent CC v ad and others (4)
      [2015] EWFC 95
    • Kent CC v D and others (3) (Application for rehearing)
      [2015] EWFC 94
    • Kent CC v D and others (2) (Fact Finding)
      [2015] EWFC 93
    • Re X and Y (Children Disclosure of judgment to police)
      [2015] 1FLR 1218
    • Re A & B (Contact) (No 1)
      [2015] 2FLR 883
    • Re J (Vulnerable witness: Sexual Abuse: Fact finding)
      [2015] 1FLR 1152 CA
    • Re L (Withdrawal: Head injuries-unknown cause)(Rev 1)
      [2015] EWFC 67 (06 July 2015)
    • HB (a child)
      [2015] EWFC 74
    • Luton BC -v- 'Family W'
      [2014] EWHC 4347 (Fam)
      Read Judgment
    • E A and L (Children) )
      [2014] EWHC B21 (Fam
    • Kent CC v D and others
      [2014] EWFC 59
    • Torbay Council v A Mother and others
      [2014] EWHC 479 (Fam)
    • Re IB and EB (children)
      [2014] EWHC 369 (Fam)
    • Re B (a child)
      [2014] EWCA CIV 843
    • Re A (A child) (Vulnerable witness: Fact finding)
      [2014] 1 FLR 146, FD
    • Re A (care proceedings: Learning disabled parent)
      [2014] 2 FLR 591
    • Re T and M
      [2013] EWHC 3645 (Fam)
    • Re A (A Child)
      [2013] EWHC 3502 (Fam)
    • Re A (A child) (Vulnerable witness)
      [2013] 2 FLR 1473
    • Lancashire County Council v R
      [2013] EWHC 3064 (Fam)
    • Re A (Sexual abuse: Disclosure)
      [2013] 1 FLR 948, SC
    • Re J (Care proceedings: Past possible perpetrators)
      [2013] 1 FLR 1373, SC
    • Re B (Care proceedings; Appeal)
      [2013] 2FLR 1075, SC
    • Re A (Disclosure)
      [2013] 1 FLR 919, CA
    • Re F (Paternity registration)
      [2013] 2FLR 1036 CA
    • London Borough of Sutton v Gray & Ors (No.1)
      [2013] 1 FLR 833, FD
    • Re G & E (Children) (Vulnerable witness)
      [2013] 2 FLR 1556
    • London Borough of Sutton v Gray & Ors (No.2)
      [2013] 1 FLR 914, FD
    • Re B (A child)
      [2013] 2 FLR 388, CA
    • Re C-G (Contact Order Staying Contact with Father)
      [2013] 2 FLR 1307 CA
    • Devon County Council v EB
      [2013] EWHC 968 (Fam)
    • Re A (a child)
      [2013] EWHC 3502 (Fam)
    • P&L (Contact)
      [2012] 1 FLR 1068
    • Re M (A child)
      [2012] EWCA Civ 1905, CA
    • SB v A Local authority
      [2012] EWCA Civ 1269, CA
    • Re JS
      [2012] EWHC 1370 (Fam)
    • Re J (Children)
      [2012] 2 FLR 842 CA
    • Re C & D (Photographs of injuries)
      [2011] 1 FLR 990, FD
    • Re L (Children) (Fact finding: Appeal)
      [2011] 2 FCR 247, CA
    • Lancashire CC v D & E
      [2010] 2 FLR 196, FD
    • Re M (Adoption: Leave to oppose)
      [2010] 1 FLR 238, FD
    • Re M (Children) (Fact finding hearing: Residence Order)
      [2010] EWCA Civ 67, CA
    • Re D (Care proceedings: Preliminary hearing)
      [2009] 2 FLR 668, CA
    • Re LM (Reporting restrictions: Coroner's inquest)
      [2008] 1 FLR 1360
    • B v Torbay council
      [2007] 1 FLR 203, FD
    • R (Plymouth City Council) v Secretary of State for Education & Skills
      [2005] 2 FLR 1279
    • Re C (A child: Contact)
      [2004] All ER (July), CA
    • Hampshire CC v S, L & Ors
      [2004] EWHC 2720 Fam, FD
    • RE: E (CHILDREN)
      [2003] EWCA Civ 418
    • Re B (Non accidental injury)
      [2002] 2 FLR 113, CA
    • Re M (Residence)
      [2002] 2 FLR 1059, CA
    • Re L (Care proceedings: Disclosure to third party)
      [2000] 1 FLR 913, FD
    • Re W (Residence Order)
      [1999] 1 FLR 869, CA
    • Re C (Care or Supervision Order)
      [1999] 2 FLR 621, FD
    • Re B (Residence Order: Status quo)
      [1998] 1 FLR 36, CA
    • U v W (Attorney General intervening)
      [1997] 2 FLR 282, FD
    • Roy v Roy
      [1996] 1 FLR 541, CA
  • Publications and Lecturing

    • Regular lecturer at national and local training days. In the past has chaired NAGALRO National Conference, lectured at the JSB / Judicial College and to the Western Circuit Judiciary at Dartington on numerous occasions.
    • Has contributed several articles to Family Law Journal and a co-written chapter on the law related to kinship care. (Assessment in Kinship Care edited by Talbot & Calder 2006).
  • Personal Information

    Married to Alexa Storey. Six children. Interests – spending time with my family, sport (particularly playing squash, table tennis and cycling) and watching football (season ticket at Fulham FC) and rugby (season ticket at Harlequins FC). Enjoying long walks and good wine.


  • Assistant Recorder,
  • Recorder,
  • Queen's Counsel,
  • Deputy High Court Judge,


  • FLBA
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Lincoln's Inn