Portrait of Indira Ramsahoye

Indira Ramsahoye

Year of Call 1980

Professional Practice

Indira specialises in all aspects of children law, practising predominantly in the High Court and Principal Registry. Particulary known for her expertise in cases with an international element (especially those involving external relocation, child abduction or jurisdictional issues), her practice also encompasses the areas of residence and contact, internal relocation, serious cases of child abuse and adoption. She has a particular interest in – and vast experience of - cases concerning the Sub-Continent or the Middle East. Indira has appeared in numerous reported cases, including K v K (the most significant relocation decision of the last decade), and is recommended for private and international children law by all the major guides to the legal profession.
  • Recommendations

    "Indira is empathetic and pays real attention to detail. She has a gorgeous way of putting across her arguments - forceful but also measured." "She is good at managing clients' expectations, and has this knack of being able to read the judges and know when she's said enough."
    Chambers and Partners 2022
    "A consummate children lawyer with a real empathy for the child and where the real-life solution lies. Brilliant with clients and without doubt a star of the specialist children Bar. "
    Legal 500 2022
    "Indira has impeccable judgement, and always knows which arguments to run and where to draw the line. Clients love her and the passion she brings to their cases – they really feel she is fighting for them. Solicitors love her as she is unwavering in her advice and doesn't sit on the fence."
    Chambers & Partners 2018
    ‘Clients love her and the passion she brings to their cases.’
    Legal 500 - 2018
    An extremely experienced and effective advocate in international children matters
    The Legal 500
    An extremely experienced private law children practitioner who receives praise for her skill in international abduction cases and proceedings relating to allegations of hostility. Expertise: "She has an amazing amount of enthusiasm for this work, and really does fight for every single case." "A very safe pair of hands in difficult and emotional children cases, who has very good client-handling skills."
    Chambers & Partners 2015
    “Private children law specialist Indira Ramsahoye is a leading junior in the area of relocation … clients just love her"
    Chambers & Partners 2014
    "Recommended for matters with an international element."
    Legal 500 2015
    “International children cases are Indira Ramsahoye’s forte”
    Legal 500 2014
  • Notable Cases

    • Re T (Children) (Contact: application to replace indirect contact with supervised contact)
      [2013] All ER (D) 87 (Apr)
    • K v K (Relocation: Shared Care Arrangement)
      [2012] 2 FLR 880
    • R and R v A (Costs in Children Proceedings)
      [2011] 2 FLR 672
    • P v G (Family Law Act 1986: Jurisdiction)
      [2010] 2 FLR 1888
    • Re S (Foreign Contact Order)
      ) [2010] 1 FLR 982
    • RS v KS (Abduction: Wrongful Retention)
      [2009] 2 FLR 1231
    • Re W (Leave to Remove)
      [2008] 2 FLR 1170
    • Re L (Abduction: Future Consent)
      [2008] 1 FLR 914
    • Re C (Costs: Enforcement of Foreign Contact Order)
      [2008] 1 FLR 619
    • JPC v SLW and SMW
      [2007] 2 FLR 900
    • Best v Hesketh
      [2006] 1 FLR 593
    • Re S (Child: Financial Provision)
      [2005] 2 FLR 94
    • Re J (Abduction: Child’s Objections to Return)
      [2004] 2 FLR 64
    • Re A (Foreign Contact Order: Jurisdiction)
      [2004] 1 FLR 641
    • Re H (Child Abduction: Mother’s Asylum)
      [2003] 2 FLR 1105
    • Re M (Abduction) (Consent: Acquiescence)
      [1999] 1 FLR 171
    • T v T (Child Abduction: Non-Convention Country)
      [1998] 2 FLR 1110
    • Re M (Abduction: Psychological Harm)
      [1997] 2 FLR 690
    • Re K (Abduction: Consent)
      [1997] 2 FLR 212
    • Re P (Representation)
      [1996] 1 FLR 486
    • Re M (Abduction: Undertakings)
      [1995] 1 FLR 1021
    • Re R (Child Abduction: Acquiescence)
      [1995] 1 FLR 716
    • Essex County Council v F
      [1993] 1 FLR 847
  • Publications and Lecturing

    • Regular lecturer, most recently on international relocation and on the impact of the 1996 Hague Convention.

  • Personal Information

    Indira read law at the University of London. She has a daughter and lives in London.


  • FLBA