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Case Management Tables

Case Management Tables

17 March 2023

Nicholas Allen KC and Daniel Mutton have prepared the tables, which are intended to provide a composite guide on the different procedural sources currently in effect for all financial remedy applications below High Court level.  They set out the prevailing requirements and timeframes across the Family Procedure Rules 2010, the Statement of Efficient Conduct below High Court Level dated 11 January 2022 (on which, Chambers’ thoughts are set out in a separate, previous news article), and the Primary Principles document also dated 11 January 2022.

The longer and fuller table is cross-referenced to each of the procedural sources, and the shorter table is provided as a simple summary.  It is hoped that, where multiple sources remain in effect, these tables will be a helpful one-stop amalgamation providing exact clarity on what financial remedy practitioners must do, and by when.

You can view the tables here.

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